2 Ways To Work With Me...


If you are looking to uplevel your business through the Value-Driven Research, Service Design, Customer & User Experience, here’s what you can expect from me as your Consultant and Designer:

  • Agile-Minded Discovery. Design thinking way of researching to create solutions for any industry. A highly collaborative, team orientated, innovative and creative approach to design and development.
  • Service Design. Facilitating storytelling via journey & empathy maps, workflows, personas, service maps, models and blueprints, and others.
  • Design Sprint. (I am a Design Sprint 2.0 Certified Facilitator). This methodology is a research tool for business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, lean & agile product creation that helps companies stop wasting time and resources building the wrong idea!
  • Lightning Decision Jam. Fast-paced session (1-2 hours) designed to solve problems and make decisions really quickly. This proven solution gets people unstuck, stops the endless meetings and discussions.
  • Double Diamond. Design Council’s framework for innovation. Process of exploring a problem widely (divergent thinking) and then taking focused action (convergent thinking).
    Explore: challenges, needs, and opportunities.
    Shape: prototypes, insights, and visions.
    Build: ideas, plans, and expertise.


An online or in-person innovation experiential workshop exclusively tailored for high-level Masterminds or Inner-Circles guiding Entrepreneurs:

  • Explore creativity as a process and not some unicorn magic dust for 'selected few'.
  • Explore a human-centered Design Thinking approach to problem-solving.
  • Fall in love with tension and uncomfortable conflicts that fuel creation and inspiration.
  • Build confidence and skills in experimentation to unleash your inner genius.
  • Discover the non-linear process where no idea is ever 'finished' but constantly evolving.
  • Innovate to achieve significant and long-lasting positive change.
  • Getting out of your own way to let the Intuition Guide you.